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Petraeus on Vietnam's Legacy - Washington Post

For a military accustomed to quick, easy victories, the trials and tribulations of the Iraq War have come as a rude awakening. Army, has been the beginning of a Great Debate of sorts. national-security strategy should view the debate with considerable concern: it threatens to encroach upon matters that civilian policy makers, not soldiers, should decide.

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The young man peered into a basement office at the White House, where a pair of military officers sat talking. He achieved a similar feat four years ago in Iraq, turning its savage ing fields into a more manageable landscape of political infhting and chronic but relatively small-scale violence.

<i>Petraeus</i> on <i>Vietnam</i>'s Legacy - Washington Post

What David Petraeus Can't Teach Us About Gaza It's Not About.

In his first week on the job, Mc Master has shown an independence familiar to past colleagues.

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The discovery of his affair with Paula Broadwell has ended David Petraeus' career, but the mythology of Petraeus as the greatest US military leader since Eisenhower for having engineered turnarounds in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars lives on.David Petraeus Vietnam Dissertation - tophelponlineessay.life

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